Ice Blasting

Eco Friendly

Eco- Friendly Industrial Cleaning

612422Although technology is regularly expanding in mass production, there are still cleaning methods out there that can be harmful for the environment adding thousands of tons of unnecessary toxic waste to our landfills each year.

Traditional cleaning methods rely on the disposal of “secondary waste” which needs to be disposed of immediately causing mire hassle.

Dry ice blasting is a stress free method of cleaning and eliminates the “secondary waste” by vaporising the waste upon impact into thin air.

Dry Ice Cleaning Vs. Traditional Cleaning

The Dry Ice Blasting process is superior to sandblasting, steam blasting, water blasting and other types of cleaning methods for a number of reasons.

As an Eco-friendly cleaning alternative, the dry ice cleaning method is becoming rapidly in demand for environmental as well as production reasons. Due to the nature of the Dry Ice Blasting process, there is no waste to be disposed of making Dry Ice Blasting a cost-effective cleaning option.

How Traditional Cleaning Methods can be Toxic

Secondary waste is created by methods such as Sand Blasting, Soda Blasting, and even Water Blasting can leave toxic secondary waste to be cleaned up.

• Downstream Contamination effects surrounding installations: This is a result of cleaning with Sand, Soda, or Water

• Kills Surrounding Vegetation: Soda Blasting, Chemical & Solvent Cleaning Methods

• Creates Toxic Waste to be Disposed of: Chemical and solvent cleaning methods

• Harmful Work Environment Created: Workers are exposed to potentially harmful substances airborne and secondary waste through the use of chemicals and solvents


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