Ice Blasting

CNC Machinery


Dry Ice Blasting has become the most popular method for the cleaning of CNC Machinery. Ice Blasting Solutions have been cleaning CNC Machinery for years so its safe to say that we are experts in this field for ice blasting grease, dust and electrical components.

When using other cleaning methods, it would usually take days to clean a machine in order for it to be able to produce again due to the time consuming nature or traditional cleaning methods.

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Traditional cleaning methods such as sandblasting can be abrasive. By using these methods you can risk rusting or degreasing parts such as bearings and bull nuts and even force grit and grime into your machine parts. This is one of many reasons as to why dry ice blast cleaning is the best method to use when cleaning CNC Machinery. Dry ice blasting offers a range of benefits in contrast to other traditional cleaning methods.

The video and images show our ice blasting professional removing dirt grease and plastic deposits from CNC Machinery. Our clients experience the many benefits of the dry ice blasting method, as we are able to clean the machinery in situ without any need to cover electrics. Dry Ice Blasting is able to remove and clean the contaminant from the framework without removing the paint. This is why most of our clients use dry ice blasting, as it is an obvious choice for CNC Machinery and industrial cleaning.


– Non Abrasive: no damage to the substrate
– No mess: sublimes into the atmosphere
– Superior clean: Traditional cleaning methods are more costly and damaging
– Health & Safety: Safe around electrical components
– No downtime costs: Equipment & machinery can be cleaned whilst still in operation

Examples of Dry Ice Blasting for CNC Machinery:

– Removal of dust & grease debris
– Removal of oil
– Electrical components

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