Ice Blasting

High Level Cleaning


This video shows ice blasting solutions performing high level cleaning of oil based residue from factory ceiling areas. All of our ice blasting team are highly trained in IPAF, PASMA and harness (fall protection) trained to perform safe, high quality ice blasting at any height.



Dry ice blasting of high level contaminant has been a health and safety issue for many companies. Ice Blasting Solutions are the contractor of choice because of the courses all of our operatives are required to take when joining our thighly qualified team.

IPAF, harness, fall protection, PASMA and IRATA Rope Access courses are all undertaken to allow us to safely perform cleaning of oil and smoke residue from the ceilings of factories.

Exterior cladding cleaning has been performed at high level in places of work where water and chemicals are not allowed interior or exterior -we find many pharmaceutical companies now take this stance.



– Non Abrasive: no damage to the substrate
– No mess: sublimes into the atmosphere
– Superior clean: Traditional cleaning methods are more costly and damaging
– Health & Safety: Safe around electrical components
– No downtime costs: Equipment & machinery can be cleaned whilst still in operation

To find out what ice blast cleaning can do for you, contact us today to arrange your personal demonstration

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