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Here at Ice Blasting Solutions, it is important that we understand and fulfill each individual clients major needs and concerns. Our inspection plan will cover the major concerns for profitability and downtime and considers three common points:worker safety, equipment maintenance and facility cleanliness.

Our qualified technician will analyse and monitor your work space to highlight any levels of concern (present and future) that may pose as a safety risk, it is our job to abolish these concerns and make it as stress free and profit conscious for our clients as possible. The process is then documented and presented to you for your evaluation.

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30+ Years of Experience

Ice Blasting Solutions has managed to create a professional and knowledgeable team over the years and we are proud to say that both of our Managing Directors have had over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry. This gives you the peace of mind  and trust you require in knowing that we are able to apply everything we know to a variety of different industries and cleaning operations.

Preventative Maintenance

Building or facility cleanliness is a real issue. Poorly maintained facilities cause problems ranging from contaminated product to health and safety concerns to fire and spill hazards. It is our job to highlight any present or future issues in the inspection to avoid these things occurring.

Worker Safety

We believe that Worker Safety and comfort is a key factor in the success of any production facility. A large portion of time lost to poor working conditions can be eliminated with a successful and organised inspection.

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