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Ice Blasting Solutions have been involved in many ice blast cleaning projects to clean heritage protected properties, statues, stonework, oak beams and bricks.


The permanent memorial to the victims of the 7 July 2005 London bombings is situated in London’s Hyde Park. The monument is made of 52 stainless steel columns, each 3.5 metres tall. The memorial was vandalised with graffiti in 2009, and for a second time in 2014. (Wikipedia)

This is where our Ice Blasting team came in. The park ranger contacted us to remove the graffiti from the stainless steel columns and for a general clean up in preparation for the 2014 anniversary where members of the Royal family were due to attend along with the victims families and press.

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Using an ice blast cleaning method meant that the graffiti and dirt was easily removed with no damage to the substrate. This is why traditional blast cleaning methods were not an option as they use chemicals, this makes them toxic and which means they can cause a lot of damage to the surface.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is able to provide a variety of pressures and intensities for delicate or hard surfaces making it a very popular choice for projects such as these.

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The video above shows our ice blasting team removing layers of paint from a 250 year old cast iron railings in the Belgravia area of London. We received this job after cleaning the 7/7 memorial due to our work ethic and professionalism. Hence, ice blasting was the chosen method of cleaning due to its non-abrasive nature. Thus, the paint could be removed without causing any damage to the substrate.


– Non Abrasive: no damage to the substrate
– No mess: sublimes into the atmosphere
– Superior clean: Traditional cleaning methods are more costly and damaging
– Health & Safety: Safe around electrical components
– No downtime costs: Equipment & machinery can be cleaned whilst still in operation.

Examples of Dry Ice Cleaning for Heritage:

– Graffiti removal
– Paint removal
– Smoke damage removal
– Mould remediation
– Algae removal

To find out what ice blast cleaning can do for you, contact us today to arrange your personal demonstration

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